Exercise 10.1.4

Rewrite ENQUEUE and DEQUEUE to detect underflow and overflow of a queue.

I shall go with the pseudo-code version, since I'm too lazy to bother figuring out how to test it in C.

We need to do a slight modification, since the current version provides no way to tell whether a queue is empty or full. We should have Q.head == NIL when the queue is empty and Q.head == Q.tail when the queue is full. An empty queue is initializes with NIL in its head and Q.tail =. We need to update Q.head when a DEQUEUE operation causes the queue to become empty.

  if Q.head == Q.tail
      error "Queue overflow"

  Q[Q.tail] = x

  if Q.head == NIL
      Q.head = Q.tail

  if Q.tail == Q.length
      Q.tail = 1
      Q.tail = Q.tail + 1

  if Q.head == NIL
      error "Queue underflow"

  x = Q[Q.head]

  if Q.head == Q.length
      Q.head = 1
      Q.head = Q.head + 1

  if Q.head == Q.tail
      Q.head = NIL
  return x